Meet the Sports Tech Solutions that are changing the game and attended the STN 2020

LIVEU Sports


With over 3,000 customers in 130+ countries, LiveU is bringing its award-winning broadcast technology to the sports world, enabling more events to be covered with reduced costs and the highest-quality, reliable live content. LiveU offers flawless and dynamic HD/4K HEVC live video streaming, remote production and a broad set of production services for every type of sporting event, based on its patented bonding and video transport technology.



Pixellot is the global leader in automated sports production. Our technology uses a multi-camera array to cover the whole field of play, capturing all the action before streaming it straight into sports venues and homes. We've calibrated our cameras for fourteen sports, so it always looks like a professional broadcast created by a manned production house. Whereas, in reality, artificial intelligence is behind it all — including the highlights, replays, and adverts.



Socios.com is a new app for sports and esports fans, where you acquire voting rights to influence the clubs and teams you love. Find your voice, get club rewards & compete for once-in-a-lifetime experiences.



Playform have developed a unique mobile application that is based on computer vision and deep learning technologies that can measure the player while he carries out a series of drills and produce real-time results for an integrated set of Physical, Technical and Mental skills. For the first time ever, every youth athlete can get access to an elite level technology, which was available so far only to professional level athletes by using dedicated expensive hardware such as cameras and wearables, by only using the player smartphone.


United States

Zone7 helps athletes, coaches and medical professionals bridge the gap between maximum performance and avoiding injury. We use AI-driven pattern recognition to predict injuries and simulate how changes in training and working impact performance and injuries. Data is collected from wearables, medical profiles and physio & screening products to ensure the utmost accuracy and trust.



 One Israel-based Sports-Tech software company, Pico, has made impressive strides with their personalized fan engagement platform. Powered by AI and Machine Learning, Pico helps teams turn engaged, anonymous online fans into identifiable profiles through fun, digital, unique fan experiences that support teams' business objectives. These social-media/web-based automatic messaging interactions help teams provide a more personalized experience for their fans. They now partner with 50 teams around the globe and hold offices in Israel, USA and soon Europe. 



After years of working in a high-security organization specializing in infrastructure protection, encryption, network security and mobile devices the founders of odix developed a more effective and cost-efficient approach to network security.


odix solution is specifically focused on providing comprehensive network protection by preventing malware attacks – without the massive investment in detection and remediation associated with existing technology.


United States

PlaySight connects the next generation of athletes with its immersive video, analytics and live streaming sports technology platform. Technology has changed how sports are coached, played, and consumed at the elite level, and PlaySight is focused on delivering the same technology experience to all levels of sport (particularly the rapidly growing youth sports market), all over the world. SmartCourt technology is driven by AI and is bringing together the physical and digital world of athletes (IoT applied to sports).



EqualWeb is a development company that specializes in accessibility and advanced internet applications.

With more than two decades of experience, working closely with the blind and disabled, EqualWeb has gained the confidence and support of many global customers. Their inspired and highly-experienced team of IT, accessibility experts, designers, programmers and marketing experts are committed to one common goal - effectively offering an accessibility solution for your websites via an extremely simple and cost-effective process.



In this difficult time for the sport ecosystem, Golee wants to help all the amateur football with a gift. All the Clubs in Italy will have access to the basic version of our sports management software with no time limits. This is a way to give a concrete support to all clubs digitizing their operations, cutting costs and allowing them a remote control over their activities. It is necessary to take advantage of this stop to get ready for the next season and the new rules. Golee was born to be a solution to all these problems, we want to become, also in this crisis, a support to all the sport world.



Cinfo is a company that specializes in video technologies and everything you need for an Internet TV to work properly. From the generation and administration of metadata, to the complete management of video, interfaces and user apps, websites that respond to subscriptions, transport and distribution of video, encodings and encryption.



i-BrainTech is a novel AI-based brain training solution that enhances athletes’ performance in sports. Our vision is to be the leader in neuro-training and brain data analytics in sports. Why is this important? 90% of athletes’ training is physical. However, up to 90% of results in sports depend on brain function. There are currently very few effective tools for athletes to directly train the brain. This is where i-BrainTech comes in. Designed for players and coaches, the neuro-solution improves athletes’ physical performance, accelerates the injury recovery process, and provides coaches with personalized insights to more effectively manage their players.


Israel & Canada

Baseline Vision aims to revolutionize the way players experience Tennis. Baseline Vision developed a simple, portable and affordable vision-based system which tracks, monitors and analyses the game in real-time. Harnessing state-of-the-art computer vision technologies, Baseline vision gives any player, on any court, access to real-time performance tracking, instant feedback, line-calling, video replays and highlights. The system is provided as a service to tennis clubs, and is comprised of a stand-alone, easy-to-install camera device and of a mobile app. Launched in 2020, Baseline Vision operates in Israel and in Canada.

Electro gear


The ElectroGear brand, powered by Healables is quarterbacked by our drug-free wearable that speeds up the body's own healing process. With ElectroGear, Athletes heal faster & get back in the game faster. The synergy of electron stream therapy and personalized health coaching help the athlete prevent serious injury, heal faster and achieve optimal performance. By integrating the latest advances in AI and digital health, Healables makes clinically effective cognitive training & electrotherapy accessible for every athlete.

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