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A global group of sports leaders from around the world share their takes on the future of sports.


Kyle Bunch

VP, Global Sports Venture Studio at R/GA

The sports tech industry is still in the bottom half of the first inning. The next two years will shape the next twenty.


Eze Vidra

Managing Partner at Remagine Ventures

Covid-19 kept stadiums empty, but fans passion for sports remains strong, creating a huge opportunity for tech startups to close the gap. I'm especially excited about what this means for Esports.


Marcia Cintra

Angel Investor , Mentor & Consultant at Gávea Angels

Technology transforms the way sports are played and consumed, bringing a wide array of new opportunities to fans, athletes, sponsors and investors.


Sree Varma

Founder & CEO at iSportconnect

Innovation and the ability to adapt to the current circumstances will drive the sports industry forward. While the focus will be on creating digital first events, as and when the sports activities resume with fans in the stadium, we will need to focus on catering to both fans within the stadium and at home.


Jordan Fliegel

Managing Director at Techstars Sports Accelerator

Sports brings us together, and fitness keeps us healthy. Our industry has such an impactful role across culture, entertainment and health, and numerous growth verticals that have actually benefited from covid, such as esports & betting, at-home fitness and fan engagement.. its a really exciting time to be investing in sports.



CEO of WyLab

 The sports industry is changing at an unprecedented pace, innovation and smart tech will be key in the adaptation process and a critical success factor for sports organization of all sizes.


Dr. Piotr Zmijewski

Head of Legia LAB,
R&D Center at Legia Warszawa

Science and technology could help to answer important questions, but it’s the innovation that leads to progress. In this regard the idea, data, and collaborations are the most important assets.


Matilda Sung

General Partner at Ludis Capital

The timing is now for sports tech. The technologies have all advanced significantly, the fan behaviors have been primed for ubiquity and continuous delight, thanks to the tech giants, and most importantly, the major players in the ecosystem are starting to pay attention to these new models of revenue and operations. We are at the sweet spot of when all needed trends and variables are aligned.


Unmish Parthasarathi

Founder & Executive Director of Picture Board Partners

The acceleration in the digital transformation of sport is one of the few silver linings of COVID-19 - we have much to be hopeful for in 2021. Growth and comfort don’t co-exist!


George Angelopoulos

Founder/CVO of SellBuyPlay.com - CoOwner/ CEO/ Investor of WLGaming Esports

Electronic Sports as the newest genre of the Sports industry is spreading across the Globe with huge growth rates and positive trends provide confidence to corporate entities from across a multitude of sectors to enter or at least be connected in any related way with this "community driven and fanbased" industry. With giant brands embracing the global trend and fueling this blooming industry of Esports, it’s no surprise that it is now considered as the fasted growing sport in the world with approximately 27% CAGR YoY. Welcome to the New Era of Sports... Esports!


Iris Cordoba Mondejar

General Manager at Global Sports Innovation Center powered by Microsoft

The power of networking enables us to reduce the gap between sports entities and startups and thus support them in their digital transformation processes


Charles FrEmont

Director at Le Tremplin by Paris&Co

Sportstech entrepreneurs have a key role to play in the sustainable transformation of the way sports is practiced, watched or performed at the highest level.


Stephane Rychen

CEO / Partner at Partner Sports Agency

The Sports Tech industry is taking more importance everyday, even faster in current difficult times, and will redefine deeply new frontiers in sports and media.


Dr. Cheri L. Bradish

Professor/Managing Director at Ryerson U./FSL

As the sport industry is being redefined and positions itself for a new world, sport organizations, properties, and partners will rely on the innovative solutions of sport tech like never before.


Sanchit Sanga

Principal Consultant and Advisor at Picture Board Partners

Sports tech industry is poised to become mainstream with immersive, experiential & data driven engagements becoming the key. The paradigm shift of mass adoption is taking place as we speak


Diego Enriquez

Business Engineering

I work to achieve a transformation of the organizational reality that achieves a greater economic benefit and impacts on people's daily lives.



CEO of Arena Hub

We all know that Sport has the power to transform lifes and communities and that Sports Techs has the power to accelerate this process, contributing to the development of the Industry.


Kristof De Mey

SportUp Program


Sports Tech has many facets. Those who know which ones are needed for which type of purposes, will be successful.


Muli Epstein

Chief Scientist at The Olympic Committee of Israel

The motto of the Olympic Games is - faster, higher, stronger (Citius, Altius, Fortius). We are now adding two additional dimensions to the original motto - more accurate and more sophisticated

Geet Raju

Co-Founder & Country Manager (Finland) at Nordic Sports Tech

At Nordic Sports Tech, our focus lies in the areas of research, community building, meetups, events and global recognition of the sports tech ecosystem in the Nordics.



Founder & CEO of AquaBloom  Sports

Two inevitable trends that ABSG sees: A. new techs and tech applications will change almost all sports landscapes and create tons of business opportunities B. In the next 10 years and likely longer, China market could be the fastest growing market for sports industry globally. Both trends are huge Gold mines for all of us to explore and embrace.


Miki Kanayama

Communication Producer at Dentsu INC.

Our mission is to create 'Good Innovation' through ideas and technology. We believe when IDEAS × TECHNOLOGY meets × SPORTS, it will lead 'Amazing Innovation'.


Daria Siedykh

co-founder at SportVision.ai

My passion is sport and technology. By making innovations we take sport to the new level and improve sporting results for each human being.



Founder & CEO of Sports Lab Copenhagen

Sports has historically always pushed the boundaries of what is possible. This has never been as true as now, when the acceleration in innovation and technology is redefining how we practice and experience sports, while providing solutions to our societal and environmental challenges.


Michael Proman

Managing Director of Scrum Ventures

This is a historic time for sports tech -- an opportunity to be problem solvers and help reinvent the future of the industry.


Pedro Rego Monteiro

CEO of Effect Sports

The Sports Tech movement is revolutionizing how games are planned, played and shown, enabling breakthroughs in amazing speed.


Jean-Baptiste ROY

Founding Partner of Asia Sports Tech

From participation to media consumption, all the indicators are on the rise. From what we see in our regional offices across Asia, the Sport Tech ecosystem is accelerating. Asian tech-savvy consumers are quickly adopting new technologies, leapfrogging old practices and creating new business models. As a consequence, more and more investors are looking at overseas opportunities to fill the gaps in the region as well as nurturing the local ecosystems.


Lena Khlivna

CEO of SportVision.ai

I believe in power of mathematics in sports! It could change sports and always give grow.

Lance Dietz

Principal at KB Partners

SportsTech collides with multiple other industries. The growing intersection of sports/sportstech with gaming, health/fitness, media, etc. will continue to drive compelling venture opportunities in this space for the foreseeable future. 🚀



Head of Innovation at Elite Sport Department

Our mission is to create a bridge between Israeli Elite Sport and Israeli Sport-Tech


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